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HEY everyone, I have some questions that I need to ask or discuss (like when we were at SCUSA). So please stop by and answer them. Remember that one-liners are allowed!!!!!!!

We always imagined a very happy marriage for them, were those brief months together that happy??? Or were they angsty? 

She was called Dora, did she like it?

Did Draco babysit the cub (I mean Teddy)? (He's his uncle after all!) Maybe Lucius or Narcissa? saI remember we enjoyed picturing the Malfoys as the funny relatives.

Do you think Teddy's going to find out some day that Remus left Tonks? What would he think? How would he feel?

Is he a metamorphmagus?

Does he like being called Teddy or does he prefers Lupin? (as his mum prefered Tonks). 

Does he like Lucky Charms? Maybe he enjoys Pancake Day at the Potters' (or maybe at the Malfoys') Maybe Andromeda was afraid of letting him play outside because of those weird ladies that live next door (one of them says is Snape's daughter, there's Charlie's wife, a girl who claims to be Honeyduke's heiress, and many more!!!).

Well, that's all, please post something!!!!
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