spunkychick24 (spunkychick24) wrote in theneighbours,


Wow, been awhile since anybody's written here.

I know this is a little weird and sad and all that, but I was looking at Octavia's new Devian Art account, and when I saw the picture she dedicated to us, the neighbors, I realized:

I miss you guys! <33 So I came here to randomly post my angst, and let that be that.

Ok, I'm done now.

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♥! Miss you too! We have sort of disperssed our little tightly knit group. 'Tis a darned shame.
I miss us all too. It's a real shame, I guess everyone has been quite busy with things lately but gah I miss it.
**glomps everyone**

I miss you too, let's try to do a tiny little post at least every couple of weeks!