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So guys. Any ideas for a layout theme? I was thinking of putting together a collage of Remus/Tonks art, and some of our inside jokes and things. Or I could try to mirror the other site I put together for our

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I'm really not artistically creative so I have no suggestions of my own, but the collage sounds good to me. Although, I do like the other site you designed too...

Yes, I'm too indecisive to help at all.
Yay for indecisiveness!!!! (is that a word?) The collage idea is great! I also have a picture in my mind (but I don't have enough artistic habilities to do it myself), it's a front-view of both the Tonks-Lupin home and their neighbours' (our home!!), with them and us enjoying a party or something.
*joins in the indecisiveness* I like the collage idea, but Sabrina's seems worthy to pursue as well. Any thoughts from anybody else?
I like both the collage idea as well as Sabrina's idea. Heck, I'm about as much use as a kick in the behind it seems! :D
Indecisiceness seems to be the order of the day. Both the collage and Sabrina's idea seem good to me!